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siccura – Siccura 360 – Private and Secure Digital Life

Siccura 360 – Private and Secure Digital Life

Lead A Private And Secure Digital Life

Digital Safety Mastered With Siccura.

What Is Siccura?

Your Privacy Is Your Right
Time To Take Control Of It

Siccura is a simple to use software that puts total control of your personal data and communications into your hands. With the solution, you can take control of everything you send, store and share.

The solution was developed on the idea that data should be protected from the moment it is created.


We Lead Digital Lives

Since the birth of the internet, the digital revolution has re-shaped our lives in ways we could never have imagined. There was a time we never left our home without a wallet. Now, it’s our mobile phone we keep the closest.

Apps and e-mails have become so familiar to use, that we pay with a click and share without a thought. The volume of data generated in a single digital life increases every passing year.

Credit card details, photos, addresses, password and pin numbers; most of our sensitive information is shared and stored online. This makes us increasingly vulnerable.

Online privacy is more than a necessity for modern life. Privacy is your right, and you can take control of your privacy with Siccura.

Why Siccura?

An incredibly easy to use solution that gives you complete security to communications and data stored on existing email platforms and cloud storage accounts.

Complete Privacy

Retain your privacy with a solution that makes your communications and data unreadable to unauthorised readers.

Security At All Times

Siccura keeps your data and communications secure at all times with its proprietary encryption process.



We have a Zero Knowledge policy. We do not know who you are, what your communications are or who you are talking to.

Multiple Resource Protection

Download and log into your emails, or storage accounts on multiple devices on mobile, laptops and PCs.

Total Control

Your communications and content remain in your control. Siccura stops your contacts from taking screenshots, sharing, forwarding or copying your data or messages. You decide whether your contacts can share your data from the solution.

Our Solutions

We Provide Multiple Security Solutions For All To Use






Security At Your Fingertips

Siccura gives you the ultimate in security for Email, SMS, IMs, Calls and all documents and files on the cloud, local or removable storage.


Safe Email

Safe email involves encrypting(disguising) the content of your email messages in order to protect potentially sensitive data from being read by anyone other than the intended recipients.


Safe IM

Your instant messages are always end to end encrypted with Siccura, ensuring that your communications are never read by unauthorised parties.

Safe SMS

Perfect solution for businesses and financial institutions wanting to communicate ultra-sensitive details to their client such as Verification codes, password resets etc. All SMS are fully encrypted and unreadable from third party SMS service providers.


Safe Calls (Voice, Video and Conference)

Enjoy professional or personal conversations knowing that your calls cannot be intercepted.

Safe Box

Upload and store personal memories, or professional data in a secure cloud environment that encrypts your data at all times. Share your data to only those intended by exchanging encryption keys to decrypt it. No download availability and unavailable on your device storage.


Photo Box

Get 100% security on all your photos and videos even if it lands in the wrong hands. Photo box is a cloud storage facility that fully encrypts your multimedia files. Once uploaded your data cannot be accessed anywhere except within Siccura.

Extra Privacy Features

Siccura has added privacy features which gives you an extra layer
of control over your data.

  • Take Back

    Retract messages and conversations (E-mails, IM, Voice and Video calls) you’ve had with people at any time, even after it has been read.

  • Allow Copy/ Forward

    Take charge of your data by stopping others from copying or forwarding your content.

  • Safe Message

    Send confidential information that can only be opened with a password.

  • App Password

    Secure your data on Siccura by activating password protecting the solution.

    Password protect your app.

    Hide Siccura, and only gain access by entering a pin into the your phone dialler.

  • Screenshot Detection

    Give certain contacts the right to take screenshots of your conversations, emails, SMS messages.

    For IOS users, get notified when your contact attempts to take a screenshot.

  • App Burn

    Lost or compromised phone? Retain control over your digital life with this feature. Remotely delete the contents of your app data on your device by logging into our website. Once the application is opened, all your data will be erased.

  • Self-Destruct

    Send messages that automatically delete after a specific time, or activate this feature against a contact’s name so all your messages to that contact disappear after a specific time.

  • Burn Message

    Retain the integrity of your life, or your business by activating this feature to automatically delete either sent or received messages that have come from a contact after a specific time.

  • Stealth Mode

    Make yourself invisible from contacts that you no longer want to associate yourself with. Stealth Mode removes you from your contact’s friend list in Siccura.

  • Scramble

    Encrypts your data on the app by making text illegible, and pixelating images.

  • Chat Lock

    Password protect conversations you’ve had with a contact.

  • Mark As Safe

    Password protect information that you’ve received in Siccura so it can only be opened by a password.



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