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In today’s fast paced high energy driven world, where we all seem to be going in a million directions at once – Our Yoga Retreat meets you where you are, leading you to discover a peace that lies within you. The Yoga Retreat at the Beach House-Goa is designed to help you find body-mind balance through carefully chosen asanas, pranayama and meditation techniques. The retreat is aimed at anyone looking to gain a deeper insight into the practice of yoga while also seeking to deepen their meditation practice. Come and discover yoga as we take you on a journey to understanding this science as a complete and balanced approach to health and wellbeing. very different and extremely unique!

How You Benefit

Gain a sense of peace and inner calm. Improve flexibility and increased mobility of joints and muscles.

Retreat Elements

Get 1 to 1 sessions with our team of Ayurveda doctors and Yoga consultation.

What’s included?

Stay in all-inclusive luxury accommodation, attend educational workshops and talks, and engage in a routine that is designed to relax and bring balance to your mind and body.

Who Should Retreat

Ideal for anyone looking to begin or deepen their practice in Yoga.


Our program offers a Welcome meal and drink, access to a library of books, DVDs on wellness and health, as well as Airport Pickups and Drop offs.




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