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Go In The Direction Of Those Things That Pull You. Chase Your Dreams

Where is your life taking you? A lot of the time we get stuck in a cycle. We do the same thing day in and day out, with little or no purpose. Yet we wonder, and often envy people who are achieving success and following their dreams. Are you looking to make your dreams a reality?

Vision boards are one of the most powerful visualization tool – that help bring your image of the future into life. Guiding you through the process of writing your most powerful life story, we help you create the most empowering illustrations of your dreams, your goals and your ideal life.

What’s Included

Practical guidance on how to start creating your own vision board with Setting Life goal sessions.

Who is it for?

Are you feeling stuck or lost in life? Do you want more from life? Then this program is ideal for you.

How you benefit

Goals and dreams can only come true if you are focused. Our program helps you develop that focus you need to achieve your deepest goals. Come out feeling motivated, certain and confident about the future you are going to drive.


Rs 6,000

2 session
3,000 per session