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In a world where our minds never stop and many of us find it difficult to just switch off, the Beach House Goa’s Transformational Meditation retreat offers you simple yet intensely powerful meditation techniques. You will learn to incorporate meditation as part of your daily routine, meditation that is easy to learn, effortless to practice and does not require specific beliefs, behaviour or lifestyle and is not connected to any religion. The retreat is designed to support a holistic experience providing you space to journey inwards, to quieten your mind, open your heart and explore the realm of your inner world. The meditation sessions help you establish a daily routine of health and wellbeing by promoting a deeper connection with your body, mind and spirit.

How You Benefit

Immense boost to your physical & emotional health

Retreat Elements

Personal and medical assessment

What’s included?

All inclusive luxury accommodation

Who Should Retreat

Troubled by stress, poor health, insomnia, anxiety, poor memory?


Airport pick-up & drop (charges applicable)