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Self Hypnosis

Ever felt limited like something is holding you back, preventing you from being the best version of yourself? Ever heard of limiting beliefs, the negative self-talk we may find ourselves getting into not really knowing where it comes from but unsettles us. Well, its time you changed that positively by empowering yourself and the subconscious mind with the right beliefs that are positive and bring about the change you want.

Begin by understanding what and where your blocks maybe stemming from and through Self Hypnosis give you the power to change your life and be the person you want to be, deserve to be.

What’s Included

Understand about limiting beliefs & negative though process. Identify problem area

Who is it for?

Anyone wanting to change their way of thinking. Those who are looking for a different perspective on life

How you benefit

A more positive you. Better perspective towards life and its surprises


Rs 2,500

per session