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Juice Fasting Detox Retreat

There are a number of different reasons why people choose to come to us for Juice Fasting Detox and Rejuvenation therapy. Many come because they just know that their bodies and minds are toxic and many come to us with a wide range of health problems including Infertility, IBS, Skin Disorders, Weight Problems, Stress plus much more. Many come because they simply need to retreat and rest for a few days within a nurturing secluded and peaceful environment and rejuvenate their body and senses. The Juice Fasting Detox therapy is designed for those who are maybe new to detoxification, or those who are already familiar with and have experienced other detoxification programs but wish to try something
very different and extremely unique!

How You Benefit

Feel energised, and improve your immune and digestive functions.

Retreat Elements

Get 1 to 1 sessions with our team of experienced Nutritionists, Wellness and Ayurveda Consultants. Throughout the program, they’ll work with you to develop a personalised nutritionally balanced Ayurveda vegetarian meals.

What’s included?

Stay in all inclusive luxury accommodation, attend educational workshops and talks, and engage in a routine that is designed to relax and bring balance to your mind and body.

Who Should Retreat

Are you constantly feeling tired, low in mood and energy? Then it’s time to join a program that will boost your energy levels, cleanse your body from toxins and give you a long lasting transformation.


Our program offers a Welcome meal and drink, access to a library of books, DVDs on wellness and health, as well as Airport Pickups and Drop offs.




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