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Guided Meditation

Have you been thinking of adopting meditation as part of your daily routine, but put it off because you don’t have time, can’t sit in one place too long or feel like you won’t be able to? The benefits of meditation far outweigh any of the excuses you have been giving yourself. Meditation isn’t a one size fits all, there are many different techniques that suit different people, so come and discover what meditation works for you. Under the guidance of our trained and experienced meditation teachers you will be gently introduced and shown the way into practicing meditation.

Find peace in a world that is constantly throwing obstacles your way. Connect with your inner self and feel your body and mind come alive.

What’s Included

Learn how to improve breathing and its techniques. Get Pranayama techniques for individual problems.

Who is it for?

Anyone suffering from lack of concentration and focus. If you feel confused, or lost with no sense of direction then this is an ideal program for you.

How you benefit

Come out rediscovering and reconnecting with your inner self. Gain clarity in thoughts and balance of emotions.


Rs 1,500

per session