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Diabetes Reversal Program

The Diabetes Management Retreat aims at balancing the 3 chakras of wellness-Physical, Physiological & Psychological through lifestyle changes. Through this unique program you’ll begin to implement dietary changes, activity programs, stress management & relaxation techniques that will help in effective control & better management of type II diabetes. We help you adopt permanent lifestyle changes, and not just focus on managing your HBA1C numbers. Your health is in your hands, we help you take back control, make conscious choices and connect to our self. very different and extremely unique!

How You Benefit

Manage your blood sugar levels, improve your relationship with food and nutrition, and get a clear vision of your health goals.

Retreat Elements

Get 1 to 1 sessions with our team of experienced Nutritionists, Wellness and Ayurveda Consultants to help you control and revearse the effects of diabetes.

What’s included?

Stay in all inclusive luxury accommodation, attend educational workshops and talks, and engage in a routine that is designed to relax and bring balance to your mind and body.

Who Should Retreat

If you are suffering from Type II diabetes or want to manage the early stages of diabetes complications naturally.


Our program offers a Welcome meal and drink, access to a library of books, DVDs on wellness and health, as well as Airport Pickups and Drop offs.




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