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Living Stress Free is Easy, Discover the Magik with De-stress 360

Stress is a part of our lives today – and there’s no denying it! Sometimes known but often the unknown causes & effects of stress have serious implications on body & mind health. Not letting stress be the enemy in today’s world is easy… and we show you how. Come and learn simple practical tools to managing your daily stress without letting it cause disease and illness, anxiety and depression. Discover your stress triggers and letting go, it’s time to take back control. Hit the pause button, reflect and leave equipped to recapture the joy of living.

Program Objectives

Learn to dissect the reasons for your stress, discover the causes and the triggers. Learn ways to relax
the body and mind to take charge and recapture the joy of living.

Program Elements

Gain an understanding of the real dangers of stress and its impact on body systems. Find creative
and fun ways to de-stress your mind and body throughout the day. Revive hobbies and leave with a
personalised plan from our experts.

How do you benefit?

Gain a heightened sense of mental clarity, focus, concentration and memory. Take away practical
tools to manage daily stress.

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