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Ayurveda Nutrition Consultation

We believe that food is not a one size fits all, but is based on an individual need, likes and dislikes, health conditions, lifestyle, digestive power and so many factors. In our online consultation we focus not just on getting the right food onto your plate but when, where and how you eat as well. Looking at holistic nutrition we also focus on an alkaline meal plan with anti-inflammatory properties with practical tips to help you implement the changes easily and quickly.

What’s Included

Practical steps to eating well, with focus on your digestive wellness. You’ll be able to understand how you can adapt an alkaline based meal plan for overall wellbeing.

Who is it for?

Anyone looking to gain a deeper insight into nutrition. Ideal for people who suffer from digestive complaints or has poor digestion.

How you benefit

Get an in-depth understanding of nutrition and get easy and practical ways into eating healthy.


Rs 2,000

per session