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Ayurveda ‘Aches & Pains’ Consultation

Is pain affecting your quality of life? Tired of all the painkillers and medication because relief is temporary, and you are starting to get dependent. Dive into Ayurveda medicine which is natural and holistic with an understanding that the body and mind are connected and heals by correcting the problem at the source. Ayurveda believes that pain can originate from an inflammation, tension and due to a toxic (ama) build up in the body. Learn the true nature of your pain and get personalized advice and treatment for your aches and pains.

What’s Included

Receive an assessment of your body type and indications of imbalances. Focus on addressing health concerns and get personalised diet and lifestyle consultations and plans.

Who is it for?

Anyone suffering from pain, or joint aches plus more.

How you benefit

Understand the root cause of your aches and pains, and find natural and practical remedies to help ease it.


Rs 2,000

per session