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It’s very easy to direct our focus, intention and energy on having a healthy body, but we often stay away from caring for our emotional health. Stress, anxiety, childhood & past traumas, estranged relationships, grief – how do you cope? Well most of us simply brush them under the carpet and ‘try to move on’.

Dealing with these emotions can be hard and painful, making us want to run away further, but often we don’t know how to heal, or believe we never can. The time to change that is now, find the freedom to just ‘’be’’. Tailored to suit your unique problems our highly trained and experience Mind-Body- Energy counsellors work with you to overcome your problem and be free to live the life you want.

What’s Included

Undergo a complete transformation with several sessions with experienced Mind-Body-Energy counsellors and live the life you want.

Who is it for?

This program is for anyone experiencing emotional problems, going through relationship troubles and more.

How you benefit

By enrolling onto this program, you’ll feel lighter both physically and emotionally. Your mind will have a lot more clarity and more.


Rs 10,000

2 session
5,000 per session